HM Coroner's Service - Inquest Timetable and Diary

An inquest is an investigation to establish facts and is held as a public court hearing. It is not a trial where blame is sought.

The purpose of an inquest is to establish:

  • the identity of the deceased
  • when, where and how the death occurred
  • the facts required by the registrar 

Please be aware that inquests are public hearings and the press may attend and report on proceedings.

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It is possible that if an inquest is listed at very short notice, it may not appear in this list. If you are concerned that an inquest for a relative of yours does not appear, you are welcome to contact us.

Contact details 

The easiest way to contact us is to email

You can also phone us on 0300 303 3180, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Cockermouth Coroner's Court
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In some cases the coroner may be able to open, then adjourn the inquest and issue paperwork to allow a funeral to take place. An inquest adjourned will be re-opened at a later date to continue investigations and to determine the circumstances surrounding the death. This may involve witnesses being called, who are legally obliged to attend. 

If you are attending an inquest

If you are attending an inquest, you might want to read the GOV.UK guide to coroner services.

You can also get support from the charity 'Coroners' courts support service'.